Aquamax Karl Fischer

Water content determination by Karl Fischer titration

Coulometric Titrator

Aquamax Karl Fischer Coulometric titrators are for water content determination from 1 microgram. Typically used for very low ppm through to low percentage levels of water. Simple operation, small footprint, integral printer, unique low drift glassware, fully portable.

Titra-Max Titration System

For determination of TAN, TBN and Mercaptan Sulphur

Titra-Max Titrator

Designed specifically for the determination of TAN, TBN and Mercaptan Sulphur analysis of petroleum products, lubricants and transformer insulating oils. Conforms to ASTM D664, D2896, D4739 and D3227.


The E-chem E500 series of high precision pH & conductivity meters

E512 pH Meter
E515 Conductivity Meter
E522 Combined pH/Conductivity Meter
Volumetric Titrator

Aquamax Karl Fischer Volumetric titrators are used for measuring water contents in the milligram through to high percentage ranges. Simple operation, several easy to use programmes. Two high precision 5ml syringes, two built in peristaltic pumps.

Micro TAN Titrator

The micro TAN system for Total Acid Number analysis of transformer oil samples. A micro combination pH electrode and optimised titration vessel have been developed specifically to address the reduction in organic solvent consumption.

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