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The very successful Aquamax KF takes its new place alongside the ECH AQUA 40.00 Karl Fischer product line, meaning we now offer ppm water determinations in liquids, solids and gases, including the most difficult and problematic sample types.

Together with the new H2S Analysers, our equipment can be used in all locations. In the laboratory with automation, on-site/portable testing and we even offer you on-line water content and H2S measurements that are fully integrated into your process.

ECH Scientific Limited UK combines these unique products and is the new global sales department for both GR Scientific and ECH Elektrochemie Halle GmbH.

ECH Scientific looks forward to continuing the Aquamax KF titrators, the unique KF reagents and the well received GR Scientific Karl Fischer service centre. When coupled with new and exciting technologies designed and manufactured at the ECH R&D centre in Halle Germany, we believe we offer you and your company a reliable partner for ppm water contents and H2S determinations.

Thanks to the ECH R&D centre, the AQUA 40.00 titrators and H2S analysers are now globally recognised by leading groups and committees like ASTM and DIN. These unique instruments handle and accurately measure difficult sample types like water in LPG, lubricants and H2S in solid, oils, gas and water.

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Manufacturers of electrochemistry and titration instrumentation for the Oil, Power and Scientific Industries

G.R. Scientific have been manufacturing and marketing accurate, simple to use laboratory instruments since the early 1980’s. Our technical expertise and commitment to providing excellent service to our customers makes us unique in our field and a valuable asset to your company. G.R. Scientific is dedicated to meeting your critical testing demands for precision and reliability.

We regularly participate in major scientific exhibitions and symposia, including Pittsburgh Conference, Gulf Coast Conference, Analytica, ArabLab, ASTM, API, etc, and assist our network of international distributors who participate in scientific exhibitions in their respective countries.

Our products are used by many leading companies in the oil, petrochemical, gas, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, automotive and power generation industries. Regular training courses and seminars are held at our premises in the grounds of Wrest Park (an English stately home). We can also arrange on-site courses at customer venues or in conjunction with our international distributors.

When you begin a partnership with G.R. Scientific, you will be able to draw on a wealth of experience and expertise, providing your company with innovative and customized solutions to your needs.

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