Water Check Button Feature

Water Check Button Feature

As active members of ASTM and API we are always listening for what the industry requires from the instrument manufacturing companies to enable equipment to be more easily used, especially in the field. One feature that many users have requested for their Karl Fischer titrators is a single button to enable them to check the instrument with a water standard.

In principle, standardization of a Coulometric Karl Fischer is not necessary since the water titrated is a direct function of the coulombs of electricity consumed. However it is recognised that reagent performance can deteriorate with use over time and it is recommended that the titrator is regularly monitored by introducing a known quantity of water that is representative of the typical range of water concentrations being determined in samples.

Several of the ASTM methods for water content of crude oil and petroleum products suggest injecting between 1.0 μl and 10 μl distilled water to check reagent performance. Each of these methods requires that the result be recorded in micrograms of water, not as a calculated ppm
or percentage.

The μg check button on every Aquamax KF Coulometric Titrator enables this check to be done without the need to reprogram the calculation mode. Simply press μg check and the display will prompt “add standard”. Introduce 10μl of distilled water (as required by ASTM methods) by syringe and both the display and print out will be in micrograms water. This only applies to a single analysis as the titrator will then revert back to the programmed calculation mode for subsequent runs.

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