Do I need to be a chemist to use one?

Many of the commercially available coulometric Karl Fischer titrators are now becoming so complicated that a considerable skill level is often required. However, the Aquamax KF titrators, although extremely versatile and suitable for laboratory use, have been designed with non-laboratory personnel in mind. Simple single button operation, easy to assemble glassware, pre-mixed reagents, all make these titrators suitable for almost anyone to use.
What routine maintenance is required? How often do I change the septa or desiccant?

Coulometers, such as the Aquamax KF, require very little maintenance. Ideally, the glassware should be cleaned and dried each time the reagents are replaced but this is not always possible. Likewise, the injection septa and possibly the desiccant should be changed periodically. The required frequency depends on the volume of testing. For example, a program running 100 samples per week will spend about 30 minutes per month cleaning the glassware. Otherwise there is very little to be done.

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