How do I change the reagents?

This is extract from the Aquamax KF user manual; For most routine applications 100ml of Formula “A” (anode reagent) and 5ml of Formula “C” (cathode reagent) are used. When analysing Transformer oils, Crude oils and other petroleum products Formula “A” is especially suited as it contains other solvents to improve sample miscibility and solubility.

(When analysing samples of Ketones, amines or others which may interfere with the reaction it is advisable to use specialised reagents which can be obtained from various suppliers).

  Although reagents can be poured into the titration vessel whilst it is located on the titrator, we recommend that the vessel and electrodes are removed from the instrument whilst this procedure is performed to avoid reagent spillage onto the instrument casing. (Any spillage onto the instrument casing should be wiped off immediately to avoid damage or staining).
  Remove the drying tube and injection septa. Using the funnel supplied, charge the titration vessel upto the lower line with Formula “A” reagent. For your convenience these reagents are supplied in “single shot” bottles which contain 100ml so it is not necessary to measure any volumes – simply pour in the complete bottle
  Also using the funnel, charge the inner chamber of the generator electrode with Formula “C” reagent which are supplied in “single shot” 5 ml vials which havce “safety snappers” pre-fitted thereby reducing risk to the operator.(It is not necessary to clean the funnel between reagents.)
  Reconnect the drying tube and injection septa so that the titration vessel is sealed from ingress of atmospheric moisture.Locate the complete titration vessel onto the titrator and connect the electrode leads onto the appropriate sockets

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