What is the sample injection technique for transformer oil samples?

This is extract from the Aquamax KF user manual;

Program the Aquamax KF with parameters for the analysis. For Transformer Oil samples, these parameters are usually:-
Result Format = mg/kg or ppm
Calculation Mode = V/SG
Sample Volume = 1.0 ml
Sample SG = 0.875


1. Confirm that Aquamax KF is in “Ready” mode
2. Flush 1.0ml syringe several times (minimum 6 times) with sample
3. Fit luer needle and flush through with sample
4. Draw sample into syringe beyond the 1.0ml marking
5. Invert syringe so that any air bubbles can be ejected through the needle and adjust syringe plunger to the 1.0 ml mark
6. Wipe off excess sample from outside of needle using a clean, dry tissue or paper towel
7. Pierce needle through injection septa of titration vessel (1 – 2 cm)
8. Press START
9. Push needle into anode reagent and inject sample
10. Withdraw needle from titration vessel
11. Read result, in mg/kg (ppm) water, on display and printout
12. Repeat steps 2 – 11 if duplicate result required

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