Which reagents should I use?

Aquamax KF reagents offer optimum performance with almost all models of coulometric Karl Fischer titrators. Our packaging concept has been based on advice from the HSE (Health & Safety Executive) to enable non-laboratory personnel to work more safely.

Aquamax KF anode reagent is suitable for most routine applications and is especially useful for water content determination of oil samples. This reagent contains the required amount of xylene and other solubilizers and is supplied in 100ml “single shot” bottles, no volume measurement or mixing with other solvents is required. Aquamax KF cathode reagent is supplied in “single shot” 5ml ampoules which have “safety snappers” pre-fitted thereby reducing risk to the operator.

Each pack contains 8 x 100ml bottles of anode reagent plus 8 x 5ml ampoules of cathode reagent. Weighing only 3 kilo, the total pack volume is less than one litre so they can be shipped as limited quantity.

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