Smart Titrator model PAT940

Smart Titrator model PAT940

The next generation in titration

Improving productivity – the ethos behind PAT940
Introducing a more user friendly and robust titrator combined with the latest touch screen/swipe technology. User friendly is a common phrase bounced around in many different industries. It is easy to say but not always true! Processes in the work place should be made as easy as they can to improve productivity and operational efficiency.

  • ‘Light touch’ screen with swipe reduce and enlargement
    functionality with graphs
  • Touch enabled QWERTY keypad that pops up for all data entry
  • Store up to 1000 methods and 1000 results
  • 50 shortcuts can be saved to the Homepage to quick start favourite methods
  • Continuous dosing operation for manual titrations

There are many complex methods within all industry types in the titration world, therefore introducing a more user friendly and robust potentiometer combined with the latest touch screen technology, is the perfect combination. PAT940 utilises the latest capacitive touch screen technology, what does that mean? This is the technology that your smart phone uses.

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